Alcohol top Risk Factors for Young-Onset Dementia, brain disorder

Alcohol affects your brain. Top Risk Factors for Young-Onset Dementia

Risk Factor Hazard Ratio (95% Confidence Interval) Population-Attributable Risk
Alcohol intoxication 4.82 (3.83 – 6.05) 0.28
Stroke 2.96 (2.02 – 4.35) 0.04
Antipsychotic use 2.75 (2.09 – 3.60) 0.12
Depression 1.89 (1.53 – 2.34 0.28
Father’s dementia 1.65 (1.22 – 2.24) 0.04
Drug intoxication 1.54 (1.06 – 2.24) 0.03
Low cognitive function 1.26* (1.14 – 1.40) 0.29
Low height 1.16* (1.04 – 1.29) 0.16
High systolic blood pressure 0.90* (0.82 – 0.99) 0.06

Connie’s comments: Dementia , early Alzheimer’s diease, an irreversible memory loss, brain cancer is caused by many factors and more prevalent in women than men (ratio of (3:1). Weight, height, genetics, sugar, blood pressure, drugs, alcohol, depression and many other factors can contribute to this mental disorder.


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