Willpower vs. Won’t Power ~ We are claiming that people lose the fortitude to do what is actually in their best interest often and quickly…

Developing willpower is critical to living effectively and healthy today. Without willpower, we tend to eat more, crave more, allow distractions to take us off course, allow our ‘negative’ impulses to get the better of us, allow addictions to take over our lives and also allow our children to do the same.

The bad news is that most people don’t have awareness of this well researched topic of willpower – if they did, the greater awareness alone could potentially radically transform their lives and their effectiveness.

The good news is that with awareness of this new willpower science, one can increase their productivity and focus with practice and diligence.

People are affected by the stress of either dealing with, or trying to ignore the problem of lack of willpower. Brain chemistry is at work again and manifesting a variety of undesirable outcomes. However, developing flexible accountability through a number of practices can combat the negatives and deliver very powerful results.

Monetary Intelligence

  • The Problem: Why do very smart people not make enough money or get stressed out over money?

The part of our brain that is most used for day to day work is the prefrontal cortex. This part of the brain resides in your forehead just above your eyes. This part of the brain is inefficient in two ways:

a. Memory Inefficient: it has a low amount of working memory. Imagine a computer that works on only 7 bytes of memory. This computer would be overwhelmed with complex tasks and projects.
b. Energy inefficient: energy is expended every time you make a decision or switch from one task to another. This energy loss is minute for each decision or task-switch, but taken as an overall cumulative effect, can have a debilitating effect on your performance.

You can thus think of your prefrontal cortex as a limited bank account of energy and memory.

Why most smart people don’t make enough cash-flow or get stressed out over money is because they don’t learn how to manage their limited bank account (brain power) effectively over the time that they work.

So they either overwork themselves or they spend time on tasks or projects that do not yield money or satisfaction efficiently – leading to burnout, frustration and stress. This burnout, frustration and stress leads to even greater impairment of brain functions, leading to a greater downward spiral of energy.

  • What can we do to improve the situation and create a breakthrough in more money?

As we mentioned above, the prefrontal cortex is like a limited bank account of energy and memory. When you have a limited bank account, you have to do two things
a. Make sure that you don’t run out of money (energy or memory capacity)
b. For every cent that you spend of your money (energy or memory capacity) you want to make sure that you receive a good return on your investment

If you think about it there are two finite or limited resources that we are working with here
a. Your prefrontal cortex limited bank account
b. Your time

You become wealthy when you efficiently manage the translation of your time and brainpower (and other resources) into more money and more satisfaction. The more efficiently you manage these resources, the more likely you are to make More Money, More Time and Less Stress.

Part of what you must learn is to make wiser choices in the selection of what you focus your brain power and your time on. If you focus these resources on projects or tasks that do not put money or satisfaction back into your pocket, you are depleting your resources unnecessarily.

What we present are practical solutions to how to make better selection of things to focus on in your day – one of the things that we train you to do is to focus on outcomes (actual results that are measured and observable) rather than tasks, to-do’s, actions that sound proactive but really do not add up to anything much that you truly desire.

A second area (of many) that we train you in is to assess the risk and returns on investments on various choices that you could make on how you spend your resources. We train you to optimize the portfolio of your outcomes that give you the best returns on investment with the least risk.


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