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Connie’s comments:

Get peace of mind in knowing that you retirement money does not go down with the market but will only go up when the market (SP500) goes up.  Be fullfilled knowing that your money compounds and beats inflation so that you can retire early.

If you are a professional who wants to save enough for retirement without crashing like the 401K history, work with us part time or full time

About Money Management Coach and Financial Agency Owner
WE ARE HIRING!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We represent a 169 yr old financial service company in the USA helping families with tax advantaged, savings plan with similar to long term care insurance benefits and risk-free investment, secured and grows up to 13%. We help high net clients reallocate idle money such as CDs and risk filled investments to a safe, secured and long term investment.
We provide unlimited field training and support in the bay area and 50 US states. You can work at flexible hours and there is unlimited earning potential for builders and trainers.
We provide a supportive team environment which allows everyone the opportunity to grow professionally and we inspire everyone to succeed and build their business successfully. We are an Equal Opportunity Business.
Position: Financial Service Representative
Generate sales of retirement planning with college, savings and long term plan, an all in one product that is risk free, tax free and with access to funds from $100k to $1.5M when cancer, stroke or disability occurs. As a financial marketing service professional, you will own your business, avail of unlimited field training and support to learn the many marketing strategies that is given to you. There is no cold calling. You become an agency manager at your own pace.
Tasks and Responsibilities:
• Utilizing online tools and conducting retirement needs assessment, building relationships, presenting product benefits, helping clients assess their budget goals and serving clients for a lifetime as retirement planners and money management coach
• Analysis of client’s current needs and retirement/investment/savings goals
• Must be willing to learn finance, budgeting, marketing, money management and business management
Qualifications: 21 yrs old to 67 yrs old with or without CA Life and Health License
Required Experience: None
Required Skills: Accountable, success oriented, and highly motivated to succeed
Compensation: Commission based on per client ($2k and up)
To Apply: Please send your resume to motherhealth@gmail.com or call 408-854-1883