from the book, The Retirement Miracle by Patrick Kelly

Do you want to insure your retirement savings against loss and ,at the same time, participate in some of the annual growth of the stock market and maybe insure that you will protect all of previous years of growth as well?

Financial crisis, increased longevity and boomers’ growing skepticism about traditional pensions and Social Security, led many to use Indexed Annuities to save for retirement with protection and low risk.

The good thing with Indexed Annuities is that you can transfer all your tax-qualified money into it without any tax penalty.  You can keep the same set of tax laws and simply transfer the money into this new product and, in so doing, insure the retirement account against the damaging effects of a negative market.

4 features: penalty-free withdrawal, tax-deferred growth, bypass probate and the option of guaranteed lifetime income and most important it provides:

-100% safety against stock market declines and

-solid growth potential

With Indexed Annuities, you get the potential of an inflation-beating return and have 100% safety against market risk of not only your principal, but also of all your previous years of gains?

In 2008, the owners of Indexed Annuities did not lose a penny.

Some indexed annuities pay a deposit bonus.

So, if you are a retiree who has money in any tax-deferred plan and you like the prospect of growing your retirement account with zero market risk, Indexed Annuities is your answer.


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