pre retirement plan 35yrs of ageCan your current CD, mutual funds, tax-qualified retirement plans and 401k provide you with 6 added values listed below?
1. Safety
2. High growth potential
3. Tax-deferred growth
4. Tax-free access during your lifetime
5. An income-tax free benefit will pass to your heirs at death
6. Accept an incredibly large lump-sum of money

Reference: Patrick Kelly’s book on The Retirement Miracle, pages 86-93

While tax-qualified retirement plans allow workers to make annual deposits up to the contribution limit of the plan, they have no ability to receive a large deposit in one lump sum.
How much of the contribution limit can be carried over to the next year if it is not utilized? Tax-qualified plans work on a “use-it-or-lose-it” proposition each and every year because there is no carry-over provision.

Where can you put a lump sum of $1 Million that has any tax-advantaged growth possibilities and with zero market risk?
Only one option fits the above criteria: Indexed Universal Life (IUL).

If your exit strategy in your current business is to sell in few years, you have to have this retirement strategy now to min taxes.  Call 408-854-1883 to open a retirement vehicle to allow you to save your money from the sale of your business for your retirement.
The company I am with provides this powerful option – an IUL with full living benefits (received 75-90% of funds when terminally or chronicall ill).
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