John Muir and El Camino Hospital are listed among the 300+ magnet hospitals, rated by nurses as A+ performers in health care service.
Know that the quality of care is affected by how our health care service team is compensated and treated by their employers (hospital, nursing homes and residential care homes). Hospitals, nursing home or care homes must invest in their team, service and facility to provide quality care. These are the places we take our seniors for long term care. A 24/7 care team to assist in daily living is provided plus ready access to health care pros.
Long term care in nursing homes (30-60days) or residential care homes for more than 5yrs costs between $200-$400 per day for 24/7 care.   After 30days, most people with health insurance (private or government) runs out of coverage so most people are left with out-of-pocket expense. $15 to $20 per hr for caregiving support, 24/7.

To protect yourself from out of pocket costs, some life insurance companies like National Life Group and LSW, are providing 4 in one product: life protection, disability, full living benefits (the original inventor of full living benefits) and retirement income. Call Connie 408-854-1883 as we are hiring more financial service pros (to provide products with full living benefits and insure retirement income for life, with zero market risk) in the USA.