Even Japan, trapped by its geography, can find ways to enrich its citizen if there are political will and fairness.

Greece would not have been so dire if its citizens had not engaged in tax dodging as a pastime and its shipping industry, once synonymous to its industrial prowess, was able to skip fair taxes by law.

America is the land of plenty. While there are frauds in social programs, a well defined program like the G.I. Bill have been instrumental in creating a huge educated middle class after WWII. A few pennies from the rich who can afford to employ accountants and lawyers to set up the estate can go a long way to give children of families with lesser means a chance to be contributed member of the future society.

A nation should not be about 5 year planning, let alone just-in-time reacting. It should be generational. So, yes, in dire times, all in the current generation must contribute a little bit more. Because our children will pay dividend.

Connie’s comment
Well said, many families tapped into the life insurance industry to leave behind a legacy, big enough to provide education and business loans for the future generation. This should be fully used by other communities, especially the minorities for the children could afford college without working at the same time and build their own business with needed start up capital.
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