Consider an over-the-counter (OTC) drug first for these conditions.

Heartburn $225 per month
Insomia $145
Seasonal Allergies $113 per month
Migraine headaches $13.90 per month
Joint Pain $177 per month

Consult your doctor regularly. For the young, up your intake of Vit C, sleep before 10pm, cut alcohol and drugs and eat well (more on alkaline rich food). The above health issues will be prevented when we apply healthy habits while we are still young and maintain it when we are older.
My mom loves dietary supplements with calcium and magnesium, Vit D and C, turmeric, MSM, glucosamine and lemon grass for her joint pain. She also uses massage oil and homeopathic creams from Hyland.
For insomnia, there are many healing ways that one can tailor fit to suit the body’s needs. Melatonin and calcium with magnesium with Vit Bs help.

Shop around before using your insurance. Be aware of coverage changes. Take advantage of the new healthcare law. Use your insurer’s preferred pharmacy or mail-order service. Take care of your body now before any signs and symptoms occur.


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