Are you a genius or a genius maker? Are you a Diminsher or a Multiplier? According to research by the Wiseman Group, “Multipliers get twice the capability from their people than Diminishers do”. If you are expected to do more with less, then you’ll want to read Multipliers by Liz Wiseman with Greg McKeown. You’ll see examples of each type of leader and practical strategies for becoming the kind of leader that gets more done with fewer resources. Consider the following descriptions:

Multiplier vs Diminisher

Talent Magnet vs Empire Builder

Liberator vs Tyrant

Challenger vs Know-It-All

Debate Maker vs Debate Limiter

Investor vs Fixer

If you’re like me, you can find examples of both types of leaders in your past and you can see yourself fitting somewhere in between these two extremes. The authors create a compelling description of both kinds of leaders that will have you asking yourself how you can improve. If you are looking for practical advice on ways to extend the capabilities of your team, pick up a copy of Multipliers: How the Best Leaders Make Everyone Smarter