I buy a health plan to avoid high cost of medical care and most Americans have the same reason (motherjones.com).
And if health insurance against devastating medical costs is a good thing for us middle-class types, it is a good thing for the poor people too.

I remembered my co-worker who few months ago suffered a stroke and after recovering he incurred so high medical costs that he could no longer pay his house mortgage.

Critical illness and terminal illness will affect our retirement savings if we have one and our assets.

To protect assets, provide additional full living benefits due to terminal, critical and chronic illness and retirement income tax free are the main features of the product of National Life Group a flagship company brokered by Premier Financial alliance who is now hiring financial service people savvy and business minded individual who can build teams and help consumers meet their current and future retirement plan and other financial planning needs.
Call Connie if you are looking for Plan B, part time or full time job and located in 49 states in the USA. 408-854-1883 ; motherhealth@gmail.com


—————We are hiring:  You are all invited every Monday at 7pm at 400 Oyster Pt, South San Francisco, Ste 120. Wear formal suit. Earn an income with no glass ceiling while helping others with tax free distribution of retirement income with living benefits.


10/25/2013 Retirement Plan Supercharged 6:30pm Dinner and  40min Presentation at Denny’s Restaurant in Milpitas, CA. Please RSVP Connie at motherhealth@gmail.com 408-854-1883