Retirement income crusade

What is your retirement income strategy? Below are answers from others:

Orygunduck–along with many other posters–believes that the best retirement plans are holistic, weaving a healthy, happy, and productive lifestyle together with a sensible portfolio plan. This poster’s six-step strategy revolves around “1) Preventive medicine, weight control, exercise daily; 2) Reliable income from income stocks; 3) Quality family time; 4) Travel; 5) Hobbies; 6) Volunteer.”

Ohioknight was kind enough to mention me in his holistic retirement plan. “Healthy lifestyle. Live within your means. Invest 15+%. Read Christine. Love life . . . it’s too short.”

Pavlov’s formula for retirement is similar. “Live well below my means and save the rest. Invest wisely. Live a healthy and fulfilling life. Give back. Retire when all systems go!”

Ditto for Zorkl55, whose strategy is to “stay within reasonable means, accept financial limitations, and live with a rich emotional engagement in life.”

Retiredgary was also succinct: “Have diversified investments. Plan for a long life. Manage expenses and taxes. Have fun, ignore trends and status, and do what you like and want.”

Darwinian’s retirement strategy packs a punch with just four words (and a nod to actor Leonard Nimoy): “Live long and prosper.”

For GuppaZ155, a successful retirement revolves around marriage and family as much as it does a healthy financial picture. “Spend and enjoy a lifetime finding the right partner, raising a family, and accumulate assets sufficient to allow for us to maintain the same lifestyle in retirement that we enjoyed in our working years. Plan with spouse for the next phase in life, having fun, being a good person, and living within our means, so we can leave a legacy to our family, friends, and those in need.”

Finally, Andy Brooks’ tweet is an encouragement to other retirement planners to dream big. “I hope to have several noncorrelated groups of assets producing earnings while living life to its fullest . . . and world peace.”


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