Access to funds during critical, chronic and terminal illness
Connie Dello Buono, health author and blogger at
Field trainer in training at Premier Financial Alliance ;

When we are sick we go to our health care provider with our health care insurance who pays the hospital and doctors for health care service. Another way to receive funds directly to us and not to health care providers and hospitals is through National Life Group’s Equity Index Universal life Insurance (IUL) with full living benefits during terminal, chronic or critical illness. We then have an access to portion of the face value of the insurance that not only includes a certain amount for our retirement but also funds ready to be accessed during terminal, critical or chronic illness. Together, the health care insurance and IUL provide funds when we need it the most and while we are still living.
We are then secured in knowing that during times of illness, we have funds to replace our lost income, to pay for other expenses not paid for by our health care insurance long after we are already recovering from an illness. While we are still healthy, we need provisions that encompass our lifestyle and health care needs outside of the range of coverage of our health care insurance. This is where a full living benefits with IUL with National Life Group (original creator of full living benefits) comes in. You are also saving for retirement at the same time, affording asset protection and tax free wealth distribution. When you decide to secure your tax-free retirement distribution (8% growth rate, zero market risk), your asset (your life), leave an estate to your love ones and provide funds accessible during terminal, chronic and critical illness, the following are your contacts at Premier Financial Alliance whose flagship product is National Life Group, IUL:
Hermie Bacus, CA Life lic
Kenny Lostica, CA Life lic
Gerry Cadiz, CA Life lic
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