Make a change in your life, join me to financial independence by Jan 24, 2014 we will be in Las Vegas for free to be with successful team of self-motivated business owners. Our goal is to share with others on how to maximize wealth and minimize taxes.

How bad do you want to win and succeed? Will you put the effort to win?

Do you believe in yourself and is self motivated ?

Will you make money?

Will you be financially independent?

Will you make a difference?

Will you be wealthy?

Will you overcome challenges?

Will you be prosperous in 2014

Will you become significant?

Will you be a champion?

Will you build a team with your heart?

If your answer is YES, you will travel with me to Las Vegas in Jan 24, 2014 and Europe for free in 2015 (a $15,000 value). Money makes us blessed. Try to win the money game with us. Fail once, learn the second time and go forward with us. Be all in in your commitment to succeed.  Winning feels better than losing. Let us help you win with unlimited support.

Welcome to the Million Dollar Club Earners. It takes work today, rich people make quick decision and changes their mind slowly. Trust us that we will help you to get to your destination. We want self motivated and hard working people with 20 hrs of their time a week willing to share the dream of success to others and in return help them when a health crisis occurs (access to funds up to $1.35M; a full living benefits) and build independent business owners willing to dream big and do the work each day in a smart way.

If you have a commitment and confidence for yourself and your family to win in 2014 and a trainer, speaker, estate planner, teacher, motivator, customer service, networker, bay area professional, licensed Life Insurance pro, realtor, broker, business owner, doctor, dentist, nurse, engineer,sales or CPA, please call Connie 408-854-1883.

Sometimes in your life, you have to give it all to the moment, your dream to succeed, your action expressed with full intention to build with your heart and recruit others to a successful and thriving environment , where you can enjoy to be around with the Million Dollar Club Earners.

The door is open now. Call 408-854-1883. You will enjoy with us building relationships to last a lifetime and trips with people who have helped you succeed. We are here to help you, put yourself in an environment and have an ownership to a company you enjoy being associated with.

We don’t forget where you came from. We build together where there is job security. The six figure income dream is very attainable. Be with successful leaders who genuinely care about people.

If you dream and expect that dream to come true and then be accountable to you and your family to make that dream happen.

The only roadblock is you, conquer that fear and believe that you can do it.

We change our mind all the time. But come back to your dream of being free financially and build the dream you want for you and your family.

Be like the wolves and geese, always coming back to their home even during bad weather.  Remember that mistakes that you make can only make you firm in your resolve to win and toughen your strength to win and achieve your dream.

Don’t take rejection personally in your business, have empathy in doing the business and with the company who believe in you, you can bring yourself to the path of success.

You are accountable to your success and we will help you in every step of the way. We will help you stretch your vision to greatness.

Your success can help you and your family bring happiness.  You deserve it.

Success is a geometric progression of time. Sell your dream to people and make them happy with the product that help their family have a secured future.

Manage activities built from success lists.

See more people and share happiness and financial security.

Quit giving up when the going is tough.

Better your life, saving other people’s lives and a great crusade that will touch people’s hearts.

Join us for the steps to true success.

Your future is very hopeful and full of blessings and prosperity.

It starts today and not on 2014 or 2015.

Connie Dello Buono


Don’t think, just do

Inspire, not dictate

Sell a dream, not a product

Build relationships and money will follow

A part time business phenomenon

Financially strong

Believe in you

Build a team with your heart

Express your intention to wind and build relationships

Help ordinary people achieve extraordinary results

A full time business dream

Transform the lives of thousands of enterprenueral minded people

Change the financial futures of countless Americans

Seize the day

Urgency is the rule of the day

Your chance of greatness is NOW

It is your time to leave a legacy by the stroke of a pen.

Build relationships and money will follow

Keep it simple and multiply

Connie 408-854-1883 ; ; Now hiring 10,000 self motivated enterprenuers in 50 US states. Unlimited training and earning potential.  Join me daily for dinner from 6-7pm at Whole Foods Cupertino, bay area