At age 65, the odds are nearly one in two that you will require nursing home services for at least 2.5 years (Medicare, US Dept of Health and Human Services, 2007).

You know more people who had a stroke and died in one.

You know many people who have a coronary heart disease and had a medical emergency.


Because of this crisis, I have a policy which allows me to have access to funds up to $1.35 Million when any of the following health crisis occurs: stroke, cancer, or disability.


My family is genetically predispose to heart disease while some have parents with Alzheimer’s disease.  We are very careful of what we eat, but the stress that comes our way is unavoidable. There are also excitotoxins that cause Parkinson’s disease and other genetic disorders. You can understand what your genes are from and other gene testing companies. But, to ensure that you will have access to funds when your genes are in disarray, will surely bring more peace and also help you heal faster.


If you want the same, contact Connie 408-854-1883 for the nearest agent in your area (50 states) for the above full living benefits added at no cost to your life policy when a health crisis occur. We insured our car and home, but our life is more important. And most of all, a peace of mind when we know that our retirement savings have zero market risk and grows up to 13.5% , guaranteed at 2% through an Index Universal Life Policy with added living benefits at no cost (access to funds during terminal, critical or chronic illness). A life policy you don’t have to die to use.