I love the feeling of being in love and watching happy couples like teens and very into each other.
In my service helping bay area seniors in in home health care by providing caregivers through Motherhealth Inc or advising them on senior care, I always ask couples who have been together for a long time about their secrets for a happy marriage.
Some would tell me stories on how they met during the war and in two weeks of meeting each other, got married and been together for more than 50 years.
Others would tell me that the husband who says Yes to his wife most of the time, live a happy marriage and been together the longest.
I think that compromises and unconditional love with forgiveness bring these couples in union for a long time.
This month of Dec and 2014, I am putting my love life on hold to focus on business, job and family.
As I remember what my father told me, the man for me will travel many mountains just to find me.