The approach to spiritual  progress isn’t one of “getting somewhere,” as there is no “where” to get.  Instead, you’re guided to transcend your ego and shed all illusions so that  Truth stands revealed.
The sun is always shining;  you need only remove the clouds.
On your spiritual journey  to a higher truth, here are 12 life lessons to contemplate. It is in reading,  rereading, and contemplating the meaning behind the words that one’s  understanding ripens.

  1. It is not really necessary to subdue the ego, but merely to stop  identifying with it.
  2. It is a relief to let the mind become silent and just “be” with  surroundings.
  3. Reality becomes self-evident when the obstructions of perception  and mental activity are removed, including all belief systems.
  4. The inner truth reveals itself when all other options are refused  by surrender to God.
  5. When one realizes that one is the universe—complete and at one  with All That Is, forever without end—no further suffering is possible.
  6. The love of God is absolute and unconditional. The sky does not  “be” for some people and “not be” for others, nor does the sun shine on only a  select few who have been arbitrarily chosen. God is complete and total.
  7. The Self is like one’s inner grandmother who watches over a  child so he does not forget to take his raincoat or mail the rent check.
  8. It is not possible to arrive at Truth and ignore consciousness,  because Truth is the very product of consciousness.
  9. To even hear of enlightenment is already the rarest of gifts.  Anyone who has ever heard of enlightenment will never be satisfied with anything  else.
  10. Enlightenment  is the ultimate aesthetic awareness, for it allows the beauty of creation to  shine forth with stunning clarity.
  11. The  goal of society in general is to succeed in the world, whereas the goal of  enlightenment is to transcend beyond it.

In the end, it will be found that the sacrifice of letting go of the  mind is actually the greatest gift one can receive.


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