Dear viewers,
This is a new day, I want to retire my mom from her job.
Let’s keep touching others in the way they can maximize wealth and minimize taxes.
I won a free airfare last night to Las Vegas from JackWu at Tuesday Financial Opportunity Seminar in Milpitas. Last night, I learned that if we share the crusade of helping others with tax free retirement savings with free health benefits, access to funds when cancer, stroke or disability arise, we can be financially free helping others in the crusade of 4 products in one (retirement, disability, asset protection and money you can use while living).
If the parents of 1 yr old can save $5k per yr, at age 17, $40k per yr times 4 can be taken for college funds and at age 60, $300k per yr for retirement funds.
The product is LSW – National Life group, only 5 out of 900 insurance companies have living benefits and at LSW, all 3 are free, at no cost: terminal, critical and chronic illness rider.
Our dream of becoming financially free with our own retirement planning business is real at PFA, keep plugging in.
Hermie will spend 4 hrs helping us plan for 2014 this coming Sat.
Marcus is opening his house for sat night Christmas party.
We will be there for you to help your family be financially secured in knowing that when any health threats occur (stroke, cancer, disability), you can access funds from $100,000 to $1.35Million.
It is not late to teach our children the value of money, retirement savings growing at $13.5% with zero market risk for long term with tax free distribution and accumulation.
It is not late, contact Connie Dello Buono, CA Life Lic 0G60621 at 408-854-1883 , for your retirement savings and college funds needs before 2013 ends.
You can retire your wife, husband, mother or yourself from a job you are not passionate about, we are hiring too for part time with full time income.