Hand made, especially made for you from my heart
Hoping that you can give me referrals to those
Who wanted free retirement planning and financial analysis
Who wanted to own a business with no risk
Who needs to save for college and other retirement projects
With health benefits at no added cost
When terminal, chronic or critical illness arise
Access to funds up to $1.35M
Will surely help prevent foreclosure and bankcruptcy
A retirement savings growing at 13.5%
Long term, safe, secure and liquid
Better option than a 401k, since this new retirement savings
Is tax free upon withdrawal and during accumulation
A way to teach our young how compounding or rule of 72 works
Your money doubles every 9yrs if the rate of return is 8%
A way rich people maximize their wealth
And minimize taxes
And most of all with a stroke of a pen
Leave an estate to the next generation

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