No more molds in food or refrigerator

More on probiotics, whole foods and food cooked with love

No more stress that creates more inflammation in our cells

But more of hugs, kisses and tender loving care

More time to rest, to recharge and connect with love ones

Time is now, treasure it and create more lasting memories

No more cancer, eat more papaya, pineapple and mangoes with strong enzymes to

break down fats and more fiber to clean our guts

Detox with lemon in water or add cranberry light juice in water

Drink warm tea, less on coffee

Believe that bugs love sugar, fat and inactivity

Sweat and recharge for the next day

To mobilize your cells to grow and not destroy

No more cancer lurking in our cells that has poor immune system

Zinc up and Vit C and D are strong weapons that are found in whole foods

So drink green juice when you can

Life is worth living for