Full of life community is the brainchild of Louisa Ip and Connie Dello Buono.

Vision Statements

We wanted to build a bay area community of people who wanted to be empowered in the area of  wellness promotion and other holistic ways such as detox, pain and weight management, stress management which includes yoga, group activities, financial literacy or wealth management, and provide activities for others to promote health and well being.

We welcome all bay area residents who wanted to know or already know about holistic health and preventive health care, the hip generation into non GMO products, the vegan, the health conscious and those who wanted to heal their body.

We have life and health coaches available in the bay area.

We seek volunteers in the areas of wellness.

We aim to collaborate with doctors or health care pros to promote wellness in many forms via in person and this web site.

We wanted to build a network of like minded individuals who will create communities who can share their skills and knowledge in areas of health promotion.

We have referrals for in home care, caregivers, care homes, assisted living and nursing homes.

We aim to serve families with Alzheimer’s care in the area of health promotion and wellness.

We wanted to empower others in financial planning thru education.

Contacts: Louisa 408-834-9291 Connie 408-854-1883

Louisa is a health coach and specializes in detox, weight management, pain management and anti-cancer healing ways.  She completed 2010 BA Holistic Natural Health & Nutrition , Global College of Natural Medicine Students

Connie is a health and life coach for wellness and financial literacy.  motherhealth@gmail.com . She studied at Oregon School of Midwifery, taught pharmacy tech at SVC and Bryman College, trainer, author of women’s health ebook, health and finance blogger, completed BS Math/Chem.