ImageToday, I start my new day as Detox Specialist and Financial Planner. As I was walking yesterday, all of a sudden my left leg is giving up so I took the anti-inflammatory powder from Metagenics, Ultra InflamX360 Plus with Turmeric and Ginger and many medical foods and nutrients. The yellow powder worked wonders when I mixed it in cold drink or soups.  My 78 yr old mother who has arthritis felt the healthy effect of the Ultra Inflam powder in a day with all her major pains gone. So, now I am promoting it to all my senior clients, age 50plus who have joint problems.

 As a financial planner, I promote wellness since the retirement strategy which I recommend comes with full health living benefits, access to funds during illness such as stroke, cancer and disability.

 I am collaborating with doctors, life insurance agents, financial advisors and anyone who wanted to better their finances and income in 2014. I am hiring part time financial planners with full time income and profit sharing as non-captive agent, with self-motivation and entrepreneurial spirit with full field training.

Connie Dello Buono