I would like to ask for referrals in my financial planning business in 50 US States and in return I will grant your wish to:  

  • help you lose weight

  • be your health coach

  • be your finance coach

  • have a business for less than $1000 with full field training, support, best compensation and product

  • refer clients to you, your service listed in my web site

  • and other ways we can collaborate


The following are my prospect clients:


  • age 1-yr to 80-yr old who needs a retirement savings strategy, an estate to pass on to the next generation, a college plan, an asset protection, a health benefit protection in a life policy

  • access to funds when terminal, critical, chronic illness arise or disability at no additional cost from their life policy

  • 30 plus yr olds who wanted 13% return of their savings in form of indexed annuities

  • those who wanted a better an IRA or 401k retirement plan

  • those who wants to move their idle money, CDs or 401k

  • those with term life insurance and wanted tax-free cash accumulation of retirement savings

  • those who wanted an all in one policy at one cost: asset protection or life insurance, retirement savings at 13%, disability and 3 illness rider free at no cost to policy

  • those who are not happy with their income and wants a part time or full time with full field training and support and best compensation plan


Connie Dello Buono

Health and Finance Coach

Financial Planner

CA Life Lic 0G60621


1708 hallmark lane san jose ca 95124