If we live, long, do we have enough retirement money? If we die young, do we have sufficient estate to leave the next generation to pay for mortgage and other expenses? If we have health threats like stroke, cancer or long term disability, do we have the reserve  that will prevent foreclosure of our house and replace our lost income?

If the answer is No, I have a solution for you. You already are paying for your current term insurance, which we can reallocate to add cash value which accumulates up to 13% return, tax-free upon withdrawal and accumulation, with zero market risk and access to funds up to $1.5M when cancer, stroke or disability arise with no added cost.

If you want the above, please call Connie Dello Buono 408-854-1883 ; motherhealth@gmail.com

CA Life Lic 0G60621.

We are hiring 1000 financial planners in the USA to help others reallocate old money to fund health threats, retirement, and asset protection tax free.

Start your 2014 with the right retirement strategy and invest in yourself each time you generate an income. Be a business owner to avail of tax breaks. We have a business for you that is risk free, retirement planning business with full training and support. Borrow credibility from our senior financial planners and start building now.