Stroke is clogging of brain blood vessels from clot or blood as a result of the destroyed vascular tissues from inflammations over long period of time caused by toxins that were not cleaned by our body. This is 80% of the stroke, ischemic/cerebral infarction. The other 20% is intracerebral Haemorrhage.

Sudden disruption of blood supply to the brain
Transient lodging of a blood clot blocking the vascular vessel of the brain
Rest, relaxation, rhythm of the heart natural pumping is not normal
Oxygen deprivation in the body cells, a prelude to stroke, brain cell lack of oxygen
K, Vit K working hard in blood clotting because of the presence of inflammation/stress, broken vascular walls or tissues invaded by toxins
Energy, life, growth giving elasticity to vessel walls, viscosity to blood, strength to the heart muscles, healthy and clean blood, all body organs working to clear the body of toxins.


Restore Health with our healthy body cleaning out toxins and reduce inflammation by strengthening our immune system
Nourishing our blood vessels with essential nutrients (red, yellow, green veggies/fruits), not feeding our cancerous cells with sugar and other toxins.

Note: Get Physical/Medical Yearly Exam for prevention. Let’s assume that we have an inherent make up/genes of easily bruised by toxins because our genes are working too hard to clean our body as we rush to live each day. So to prevent further damage in the future, we go to have medical check-up to check our baseline health.

Elimination of toxins with fiber since fiber encapsulates the fat and sugar out of our body.
Absorption of essential nutrients from lifestyle/environment, body functions and food.
Living with low blood pressure, no diabetes, no inflammation, strong immune system, strong support group
Taking a walk or getting the needed activity to take in more oxygen

Having the time to breath and live life according to its natural rhythm with balance to get the endurance to live long with toxin-free body.

Before ischemia/cell death or paralysis: there is migraine, temporary loss of memory or orientation and balance, slow motor functions and reflexes, poor circulation and brain/body cell oxygen starvation.