Saving $500 per month allows you to add $100k more to your savings.
Saving $750 per month allows you to add $250k more to your savings.
Adding $10k more during the first year, ups your retirement savings more.

How much is it worth contributing to if you want access to up to $1.5M when a health threat arise, such as cancer,stroke, blindness, disability? Would you want to have a retirement strategy that grows at 13%, safe and tax-free during withdrawal, accumulation and distribution?
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Break the mental barrier.
Roger Bannister, a runner who ran the mile in under 4min in 1954 has a secret, working with a team and with training and hard work, he broke down the mental fort as many more runners after him broke the under 4 min record run.  He said to his team  run faster, and turned the game to how fast he can run.
We have clarity of vision, a crusade to help one family at a time in 50 US states with full field support and training.
Nothing is great done alone. You have to do it with the team.
What kind of success can be achieved by the team working together.
Here’s the statistics for U.S. Household Income:
Top 10% = $114,000
Top 3% = $160,000
Top 2% = $250,000
Top 1% = $384,000
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