Pictures, video, music tops the blogging world with 20% increase in new blogs

More people connecting and sharing ideas, pictures, videos and more bloggers , about 20% increase in WordPress alone. The world is changing in the way they exchange ideas. What is the impact, more empowered people ready to make a change.  With more information, more neurons being built by our brain as we process and learn new ways.

Use your brain or lose it. Prevent Alzhemier’s disease by preventing injuries, using more of our brain and avoiding toxicities around us.

We now know some root causes of major health problems:

Obesity boosts the risks of developing diabetes, setting the stage for coronary heart disease.

Joint injuries often lead to osteoarthritis while brain injuries increase the chances of developing Alzheimer’s disease.

Allergies can aggravate the pulmonary system, causing asthma and increase the odds of suffering from autoimmune disease.

We cry and laugh from the letters and stories we heard in the internet.

Let’s share more..



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