I have an IUL Life policy to leave a sum of money to my children. I did this to allow them to live life’s challenges with ease, start a business, pursue a career or a downpayment to their dream house. With a stroke of a pen you can leave an estate, even at $250 per month.

Marriage in the old times was used to protect assets, inheritance, land ownership or properties. When we die in the USA, our estates or assets either go to our heirs, charity or the government.

Tax-free is an important consideration when long term savings and investments are at stake. My estate allows me to accumulate, withdraw or distribute it tax-free to any of my projects or heirs. Whether you are 60 yrs old or 30 yrs old, working your hard earn money, choose wisely. It costs me $4000 when I withdraw my money less than 2yrs after I open an IRA. There is a yearly limit to an IRA or 401k whereas my IUL policy can be used by anyone from 1 to 80 yrs old with higher limits than a Roth IRA or 401k.

In Taiwan, the average person saves about $7,000 per year while in the USA, an average person has around $7,000 in credit card debts.

Some of our young generation are spending wisely, using thrift stores, delaying the buying of a car, going to city colleges instead of expensive colleges or universities and many more smart ways they spend and use their money.

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