time value of money and social security by 2037

Like renting a house, term life insurance has no cash value and so you have no access to the growth, accumulation and distribution. It still protect your most valuable asset, your life. We pay car and home insurance but we forgot that our life is more valuable than anything.

For less than $100 per month, we can leave a lump sum or an estate to the next generation.

Universal Life Insurance is like owning a house, you become your own bank (liquid,accumulates,has cash value) where your money grows up to 13.5% (with National Life Group or LSW), safe/secured/guaranteed/tax-free and with access to funds (up to $1.5M) when cancer, stroke or disability occurs.  It is a long term savings, money compounded or doubles every 9-12 yrs on the average at (10-13% return). Based on the rule of 72, when you divide 72 by the number of interest rate that your money is growing, you will get the number of years that your money will double.

A 25 yrs old saving $2000/yr can accumulate around $700,000 at age 65 while a 30 yr old saving the same amount can accumulate around $500,000 at age 65.  You can even gift your grandchildren at age 1, saving $5k per year allows him/her to use $40k/yr at age 18 and age 65 has $300k per year for retirement income.



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