If  you suspect a mounting urinary tract infection, you can begin    nonallopathic therapy immediately. Most herbalists and midwives suggest:

  • Eliminating     all dietary sugars (refined & unrefined)
  • Plenty     of fluids (excluding coffee, black tea or sodas)
  • Naturally     sweetened cranberry juice. Studies     in mice and humans have demonstrated cranberry’s ability to     interfere with bacterial adherence to uroepithelial surfaces. In     vitro studies using extracts of blueberries and cranberries have     shown possible antitumor activity.
  • Vitamin     C with bioflavinoids (500 mg. every 2 to 3 hours)
  • Uva     Ursi infusion (the only antiseptic herb that passes through the kidneys).

Prepare    by using 1 oz to 1 quart water and steep 10 hours. Drink one cup    every four hours the first two days when fighting an active or severe    infection. Continue treatment with at least 1 cup daily for three    days after all symptoms disappear. The dosage is one cup every 12    hours for prevention or mild infection. Do not take longer than 10    days at one time.


Holistic    Midwifery, Volume 1 – Anne Frye. It is a comprehensive textbook for    midwives in homebirth practise. It is available from Labrys Press,    7528 NE Oregon St. Portland, OR 97213.


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