Wheat germ,almonds,cashews,brewer’s yeast,buckwheat flour,brazil nuts,peanuts,pecans,cooked beans,garlic,raisins,green peas,potato skins and crab. Why? for their magnesium content.

Oysters, ginger root,lambs,dry peas,haddock,green peas,turnips,egg yolks,rye,oats and shrimps. Why? for their zinc content

Swiss and cheddar cheese, artichokes,prunes,pumpkin seeds,cabbage,and cooked dried beans. Why? for their calcium content.

Choose root and green leafy veggies. Avoid sugary foods and teas or coffee by afternoon and evening.

Avoid stimulants such as TV and other noise.

Choose the right bed and pillow. Try a flat hardwood floor, with rug made of bamboo and mattress top as your Japanese bed. Massage chest with peppermint or eucalyptus oil. Use sleepwear made with cotton or sleep nude. Cooler temperature is more conducive to sleep with proper blankets.

Pray your worries away. Darken the room or cover eyes with dark cloth material. Sleep in a room with less clutter and sufficient ventilation, open the window a bit to allow fresh air when possible.

Sweet dreams.


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