Dear Fellow Saver,

Like you, I have taught of saving long-term for retirement since I know that in the absence of a pension or insufficient Social Security, my own retirement income should be supplemented.

A pension is a saving for retirement using an annuity, tax-deferred but taxed later on during withdrawal.

I am currently working with agents in 50 states and is now an agent for National Life Group – LSW products which include indexed annuities (about 13% return) and Index Universal Life Insurance (up to 13.5% return with living benefits), a 3 in 1 product combining retirement savings, disability and life insurance that is tax-free during accumulation, withdrawal and growth.

An annuity is a series of payments made to a contract holder at regular intervals. People purchase annuities to obtain an income or to supplement retirement income they will receive from Social Security, pension benefits, investments and other sources. Young people choose an index annuity at 13% return over a 1% bank CD.

An Index Universal Life Insurance grows with the SP500 using an indexing strategy that does not participate when the market is down but resets and only participate when the market is in upside. The living benefit means that only with LSW-National Life Group, 3 illness riders are added at no cost such that when cancer, stroke or disability occurs, one can access between 70-90% of the face amount ($100k to $1.M) of the life policy tax-free.

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