An update:  Senior Care:  Should my mom go to a carehome, nursing home or need a 24-hr live-in caregiver?

Written by Connie Dello Buono

Yes, with working adults and aging partners, it is taxing to care for another love one. In some cases, the aging partner who had a stroke or the older child suffered one since 24 hr care is very difficult to do. So a care home for seniors or a live-in caregiver is the best option. Now that your love one is being taken cared for by another, do visit, talk and offer assistance like driving and other caring ways.  Your presence makes a big difference in the health of your love one. Some times you have to monitor the medications since most of them aggravate the condition so lowering a med can help.

About two-thirds of our 40plus generations are taking care of their mom and dad and most of them are doing it from another state while their parents are home alone.  About 1 out of 4 needs long term care although we have more healthy population now that we are health conscious and with new research in health and science.  In 37 yrs, about 70% of our retiring population will receive social security income and most of us are not expecting much from it.  With all this statistics, we are on our own trying to navigate caring for ourselves, our retirement and our parents.

Motherhealth Inc is an in home health care service that also takes care of the families in the areas of home care and retirement.  The many questions asked when caring for mom and dad are answered in the Senior Care ebook: 50 questions asked when caring for your mom or dad at home or in carehomes April 2011.  We provide references about medicare, social security and list of providers in the bayarea for seniors from carehomes and nursing homes/rehabs to living trust lawyers and financial service companies offering tax-free annuities and other financial service.

By calling 408-854-1883, all nearby cities around the bayarea can get referral to a carehome or caregiver for live-in or 10-hr in-home health care.  The in-home health care price ranges from $15 and up and the care home from $3500 per month and up depending on level of care.  When your loved one leaves a rehab depending on the care needed, the primary doctors would suggest that 24-hr care is needed so that a live-in caregiver is then needed.

Based on your accommodations at home and wishes of your mom with Alzheimer’s disease or Stroke or other medical conditions that need assistance in daily living, a carehome, nursing home or caregiver at home might be the solution.  For a caregiving at home, you can also do it with help from 2-hr per week visits by an in-home health nurse, nurse practitioner, physical therapist, speech therapist, and other health professionals.

For nursing homes, all these health care professionals are on-site. At times, when your loved one has terminal illness or refused to be cared for in the hospital and is deemed to be dying, wished to die at home and so the primary doctor would say that your loved one needs hospice care. Hospice case nurses also visits  your home 2-hr per week and your loved one still needs a 24-hr caregiver which is also present in a carehome setting. In a carehome licensed for 6 elderly clients,  there are at least 2 caregivers who provide 24-hr care.


For caring bay area caregivers for your parents with Alzhiemer’s, Parkinsons or other chronic illness, text/call Connie Dello Buono  408-854-1883 for 24-hr response or email

Now hiring caregivers and nannies (must have First Aid/CPR, TB test, pass phone evaluation from Motherhealth, free training provided for all 1099 independent caregivers), contact Motherhealth Inc ; text 408-854-1883 ; email