2014 Tax Guide 40 changes from IRS

2014 Tax Guide from Forbes

Dear Peninsula and bay area residents,

A free 1-hr tax-free retirement planning seminar will be held at the Mt View Library March to Dec 2014 (9am-6pm).  Speakers will be invited from various financial service and tax-preparation companies.


  • Health and Financial Threats
  • Avoiding foreclosures
  • Seven ways we are taxed
  • Taxed, tax deferred and tax advantage or tax free retirement savings
  • Index strategy with zero market risk
  • Index Universal Life Policy for 0-80 yr olds
  • Index Annuities
  • Long term care planning and costs
  • College and retirement plans and choices
  • Limitations of IRA and 401k
  • Summary of changes in tax laws in 2014
  • Supercharge retirement strategy
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motherhealth@gmail.com for more information
Cost: Free