Silicon valley leads income of $108k per yr according to DICE

SV Leads at $108k per yr income per Dice_TechSalarySurvey_2014

1. Silicon Valley: $108,603 in  2013 YR/YR CHANGE 7.2%

2. Baltimore /Washington DC: $97,588    in 2013  -0.3%

3.   Los Angeles: $95,815 in 2013  + 15


Hartford   $87,265 2.5%  16

Minneapolis  $87,227 -1.3% 17

Phoenix  $87,114  4.2% 18

Chicago $86,574  1.7% 19

Raleigh $85,559  2.3% 20

Sacramento $85,100  -5.6% 21

Portland  $84,295  -5.6% 22

Cincinnati $83,537  10.1% 23

Detroit $81,832  6.9% 3.6%


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