college student budget calculator

A city college is the most favored place by most baby boomer parents for their children to go to especially one that is close to their house. During the times of the baby boomers, they have worked and sent themselves to school at night to get a college education. For the middle income families, city college and working student scenario are their options.

It is no longer the most expensive and prestigious educational institution that should be considered when choosing a school to get a degree but for practical reasons, a school that would provide an internship or a job.

Spare yourself with all the budgeting head aches when your teens start to go to college with a College Plan.

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3 grandchild at 78yr old $1m pension with health benefit  Here is an illustration when your money compounds, doubles every 8 to 9 years depending on return of 8-13% return when you start saving when your children are young.