Cheryl Richardson’s most recent video explored the common  challenges we all face in taking care of ourselves. Which challenge resonated  most with you?  Were you surprised to  know that we all seem to struggle with the same challenges?  Isn’t it nice to know you are not alone?
Cheryl wants to share some more empowering tips about the  art of extreme self-care with you!
Take a moment and fill in the blank:
I feel deprived of ____________ (write down the first thought  that comes to mind).

  • Sleep
  • Emotional support
  • Time to myself
  • Physical energy
  • Companionship
  • Intimacy with my partner or spouse
  • Peace – you worry all the time
  • Hope – you’re afraid things won’t get any better
  • Touch – you miss affection and closeness with  those you love

Wouldn’t you like to feel full and content again?  Wouldn’t it be nice to take time to refill your  emotional, physical and mental reservoir without feeling guilty? We thought so  and that is exactly what Cheryl wanted and what prompted her to write her book,The Art of Extreme Self-Care.  Cheryl understands what feeling deprived  means. She has experienced these same challenges to self-care and has learned  how to say no when she needs to, how to set healthy boundaries, and how to take  care of her needs first.  That’s also why  she feels compelled to share what she has learned with you.  Here are three more bonus tips to help you learn how to care  for your needs:

  • Say, “I love you” in front of a mirror every day  – no matter how silly or foolish you feel doing it.
  • Always take time before responding to a request  – just say, “Let me get back to you on that.”
  • When someone is rude to you, try this – stop and  acknowledge what just happened, take a deep breath and say what’s on your mind  using “I” statements.

These are just a few of the lessons Cheryl offers in her  book, The Art of Extreme Self-Care.                 What you really need during transformation, as Cheryl found  out, is support, encouragement and accountability and that is why she created a  12-lesson course, The  Art of Extreme Self-Care, to help you learn how to put yourself first and  release the guilt of being good to you!   During this 12-lesson course, learn how to:

  • Choose the one thing you want to change that  would bring the most benefit to your life
  • Say “yes” to your needs without feeling guilty
  • Set healthy boundaries and stand up for yourself  in a graceful, loving way
  • Create a healthy sleep routine to increase  energy and for an overall sense of well-being
  • Say “no” and the importance of an ‘absolute no  list’
  • Respect and protect your own sensitivity
  • The power of letting go
  • Build your own Extreme Self-Care kit

And more, more, more! PLUS, get the support you need and  your questions answered during the 12-lesson course!  It’s like having your own personal coach by  your side.
Set yourself up to succeed by enlisting a good friend, or  better yet, enlist a group of like-minded people to accompany you on your journey  of self-care.  You don’t have to go this  journey alone!

You are here to live, to love and to be joyful.   Let’s enjoy this journey together!