Taxes and inflation are not within our control but spending is. I have been helping bay area residents from single mothers to couples save for retirement, college and other dream projects in the future. Most of all, they now realized that they can retire early if they save early. How much to save depends on the net income a month. A single mother of two teens is saving $250 per month while a high net income couple with 2 young ones are saving up to $3000 per month. With my help as their retirement planning coach, I helped with setting up a plan that they can follow through.
But the first task in savings in knowing how your brain look or understand the value of money. Money is very important that we should not discount it for it helps create good memories, help others during the time of needs and prepare us for any emergencies and needs including college expenses and retirement, when we stop earning.

The brain controls how we perceive the value of money. When we understand the value of money and our capacity to earn based on our thinking and perceptions, removing any negative thoughts and growing only positive thoughts about money and our income potentials, we then will be on the road to prosperity. Life becomes more significant if we are not limited or constrained by money, we can help more people, send more young ones to college and even help them buy their first house.
Here are the studies from doctors about our brain and money.

Clearing Unconscious negative events and mental blockages and resetting your inner financial blueprint and thermostat start with your brain.

* Dr Brian Alman,.. The power of Self Hypnosis – Being in the right “Brain State” for Financial gain and Change How your internal self image and self-worth will change your net worth.

* Dr Joan Rosenberg… How your emotions control what you do or don’t do and how to be in control of them Mastering Your Associations with Money and release any negative associations.

* Dr Bill Seidman… How to go from good to great and great to outstanding…The power of daily repetition and accountability… The power of behavior modeling

* Dr Jeffrey Fannin., Your Brains ability to change and mastering your brains wave for optimal performance… Developing the millionaires brain wave status


It is never too late to save, call Connie Dello Buono CA Life Lic 0G60621 at 408-854-1883 in 50 US states.  Now hiring and training retirement planners and wealth strategists. Help others now and help retire your love ones with your own business in the financial service arena.