Free Telesummit
February 11th – March 13th, 2014
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Hey Moms of pre-teen/teenage daughters. This is for you. You want your daughter to be safe. The truth is…the way to do that is by arming her with accurate information.
If she knows ahead of time about the changes her body will go through, about what healthy relationships look like, and about her sexuality, then it improves her chances even more of growing up to be a balanced, healthy woman.
Join host Robin LaCross and 23 experts for the Raising Empowered Daughters Summit ~ Sowing the Seeds for Healthy Body Image, Sexuality and Relationships.
• Speaking to your daughter about sex and sexuality will be easier than ever before.
• You’ll feel more confident in your ability to nurture healthy self-esteem in your daughter.
• Give her a solid foundation of trust so she’ll confide in you when she’s in trouble.
• Cultivate healthier relationships with you, her friends, boys, food, sex, money and, with herself.