Breakfast Skipper, Weekend Splurger, Number Cruncher, and Serial Snacker. Undoubtedly these ring familiar with you. Since we’re not ones to put people into boxes (we’re all about doing things just a little bit different), it makes sense that you might identify with more than one eating profile. Heck, some of us can be all four depending on the day! If you’ve already made #OneChange based upon your primary eating profile, here’s how to incorporate three new strategies to keep ahead of your dietary kryptonite.

Strategy #1: Breakfast Skipper + Weekend Splurger

“If you thought it was hard to fit breakfast in during the workweek, you’ve obviously never seen my weekend.” Errands, social engagements, longer workouts, and more mean you often want a weekend to recover from your weekend. Since it’s common to be schedule-free most weekends, make your non-schedule work for you. Meet friends over juice and a walk instead of making brunch your default or make breakfast a family affair by whipping up a batch of Gingerbread Protein Pancakes or Chia Pudding. If you can’t structure the day, try to find healthier opportunities within the free-form fun.

Strategy #2: Number Cruncher + Serial Snacker

Combine a stomach that never shuts up with a desire to track macronutrients and calories, and you might find yourself stuck. If you find yourself caught between cravings and calculations, find comfort in consistency. Stick to a consistent snack routine and focus on making your snacks and meals count—nutritionally. Space snacks and meals out by at least three hours, but try not to wait more than five hours without eating. Boost the fiber, healthy fat and plant-based protein in meals and snacks to ensure that you’re not famished 30 minutes after eating. Reach for Vega One shaken with water when you need the nutrients without more than 150 calories.

Strategy #3: Weekend Splurger + Number Cruncher

If you’re focused on calories, carbs or protein daily totals, it may be tempting to “save” up during Saturday or Sunday (or even all week long) for an extra-large splurge over the weekend. While logically that makes sense, the reality of cutting drastically isn’t always as pretty. If you head into an evening of drinks and food on an empty stomach, not only will you start to feel quite tipsy (which can lead to some serious midnight munchies), but you’re more inclined to eat more than you would have if you’d eaten consistently throughout the day. Try to eat nutrient dense meals and snacks throughout the weekend days to fight that urge to splurge (and Number Cruncher guilt that follows).

Remember to take this just one day at a time. Food isn’t good or bad, and there’s no such thing as a “perfect” diet. Take one step in the positive direction in your wellness journey and you’re moving the right way. Start small with #OneChange.