What is inside our heart and thoughts, shows in our actions
Our dreams and intentions manifest in our actions
Suddenly, we find kissing some one because we thought about it first
What would it be like to kiss him/her?
And in the emotionally charged state, our brain think less
Our actions are stronger and with conviction

Our eyes are the windows to our soul
It shows love or hate when we are in high emotional state
We become irrational when we mix more lust and love, all emotions that a young heart cannot tame
So, as parents when we see our teens in the state of love at first sight
What can we do?
We give in since we are happy when they are happy
Knowing that it will not last, it can only bring new feelings
They can start to feel good all the time or grumpy if the love is not returned

We nurture one another because it is our nature to feel love and give love
We feel satisfaction and be significant in our lives
More than half of our retired seniors do volunteer work to give back and to serve
In serving others, we show that we care and we love
It creates a nurturing spirit in us, balancing our hormones
And makes the world a beautiful place to live

Just love, it may hurt but is better to love than not at all
What is your thoughts about love and being in love?
What do you do when your teens suddenly elope?
What do you do when you are broken hearted?