Men show that they care about the women they adore in many ways
In various cultures and practices, men put an effort to show their intention
For in our intentions, our actions are measured
In this current culture, flowers and chocolates are symbols of adoration
We find our soul mates from the intentions we bring forth
We serve and give to receive love
Let your partner knows that you care
For the value of another is shown in the way he/she cares
Start your morning with hugs and kisses like the sea horses do before they start their daily routine
Hugs and kisses help balance our hormones
Dark chocolates have magnesium that relaxes our nerves
And the smell of some flowers goes to our brain sensors
Our pupils dilate when we are loved or in love
Love happens and is not planned
Be ready

How do you show you care?
Did you find your soul mate because of his intentions and yours?
What is your favorite Valentine’s gift from your lover?