These are the reasons that inspires most of us to succeed no matter what
Retiring your wife, your mother or yourself from the corporate world
To be an expert in your field of endeavor
To learn new skills, to find new answers and to be significant
Sending your teens to college
Building your dream house
Retiring early
Living life with prosperity, good relationships and good karma

Your inspirations charges you to work hard, to wake up every morning
As if it is a new day, to meet challenges face to face
To not waver when the tough gets going
But to brace up and get the courage to continue on your journey
Helping yourself to learn new skills and be an expert
Helping others save money
Helping the company be a cutting edge technology
Helping seniors as caregiver
Doing volunteer work
Healing the sick
To be significant

If you cannot find the strength to move on, think of all the reasons why you are doing what you are doing
Your inspirations that motivate you each day.
I am into building relationships and making each one I met achieve their retirement savings, tax free.
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