Can you just stop smoking in a week or few months?

My father started smoking at 19 yrs of age. And for many years thereon until he was in his 40s. He had tuberculosis at the age of 40 and stopped smoking at age 42 , by just going cold turkey, stopping completely in less than few weeks. We give him candy to chew and his three daughters would remind him to stop smoking.

At age 63 when he arrived in the USA, a last stage terminal lung cancer was discovered via CAT and MRI scan. We opted for no chemo and radiation and he went home to the Philippines. He had two oxygen tanks beside him and received massages when the cancer turned into bone cancer, the most painful cancer of all. He described it as being in hell on earth.

He consumed many fresh squeeze juices of green papaya that prolonged his life to 7 more months from the diagnosis of 3months to live by his doctors in the USA.

When my son was offered a cigarette at age of 17 during the last year in high school, he said to his classmates that he don’t smoke and when asked what does he do, he said I only play computer games.

Many researches point to low birth weight babies or newborns from mothers who were smoking and those smoking illegal drugs are prone to blue babies, the baby die at birth.

Smoking is believed to help reduce weight and many other assumptions. But smoking drives away many important nutrients in the body especially Vitamin C, A, B, D and E. Even electronic cigars have side effects.

It takes more than 5 months to clean up or detox your body from smoking but it can be done. We should never make stress an excuse for smoking.

Spare yourself from the pain of other cancers and side effects of stroke and other cardiovascular diseases as a result of smoking.

Most of all, save those around you, babies and women and young people.

My dad’s lung cancer can also be traced to his working at places like copper and nickel mining, asbestos factory and as car mechanic. My auntie who puts the lighted black ashes of the cigar inside her mouth, died of lung cancer at 70.

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