Can you wake up in the morning ready to face any challenges thrown at you?

Can you still work and have the strength to deliver even when you have been failing many times and it seems to take a little longer to see success?

Can you tell  yourself to not eat junk foods and help create a healthy body?

Can you do all of the above and still be motivated to reach your goals?


The answer for me is Yes. There is no turning back for me. As I wanted to retire my working mom of 78 yrs of age and retire myself from financial bondage and create a healthy body, I must believe that I can wake up each day thinking it is a new day and I will conquer any challenges that come my way.

I still am able to motivate others when I am still growing myself, struggling and finding strength to overcome daily failures and reach for my success list.

Thanks to many inspirations, my mom, my two teens, my girlfriends, loves, mentors in my business, trainers, books, words of wisdom I see and feel around me.

Thanks to God, He did not forget me.

Thanks to all your prayers.