A Stanford doctor wrote a moving letter that moved many to tears. After seeing his lung cancer results from the CT scan, he wrote what he feels.

“Prepare to die with lung cancer, cry and tell my partner to remarry.”

Many of us who are healthy and just feeling the blues are moved to tears by this doctor’s reaction to his lung cancer. He is a healer, a doctor, a husband and a neurosurgeon who understands death and knows that it comes unexpectedly at times even to the young.

I just watched this news just now on TV. Relaxing after a days work to ready myself for another day tomorrow.  I am moved and can feel the doctor’s feelings as my father died in 2002 of lung cancer. Like him, my father adored my mother and his children. But because of the environment my father was in, working in mining companies of nickel and copper, asbestos exposure and other hazards from smoking and working as mechanic and driver, his lungs deteriorated.  After this experience, I vowed to help families prepare for the unexpected thru proper financial or retirement planning.

This is my mission to equip families with the right retirement savings, asset protection, and living benefits with access to funds up to $1.5M when cancer, stroke or disability occurs.


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