Tune in only to your intent (page 12).  Reasons We Dial into Programs We Don’t like

  1. We’re not really here. The NOWS is the point of power.  If you’re not really here, your mind is not available to do what you’re asking it to do.
  2. We’ve named it difficult.  We spend so much time talking about what doesn’t work that we miss that whole point: namely, that we have the power to create something that does.
  3. We stalk negativity. Once we begin to look for what’s right, our lives begin spinning in unimaginably exciting new directions.
  4. By George, we think we’ve got it. Once you know something, it becomes your reality. But knowing anything is exceedingly restrictive.
  5. The mind is so powerful it can create something “outside” itself to be more powerful.  Suspend judgment long enough to believe they’ll work and if you are convinced they’re a family-size bucket of bull, you’ll collect data to support your viewpoint.
  6. We haven’t really practiced.  You cannot know wisdom. You can only be wisdom.

Pam Grout says that the world out there reflects what I want to see.  She says that it’s nothing but my own illusions that keep me from experiencing peace, joy, and love.