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If we want to be leaders, we act like one and we then we become one. Our thoughts define our destiny. We have to let positive thoughts empower us to the next level. Do you want to go to the next level in your business? I am attending a millionaire boot camp this Saturday to empower me and my team to help families maximize their wealth and minimize taxes with access to funds when health threats occur. I am also hiring self-motivated people in the bayarea.

The search is over, if you think you can succeed with the effort of the team and your strength, call. You do not need a big capital to have your own business.  I started with less than $1000. I have no way to go but up as a single mother of two teens. My why of doing this retirement planning business is to retire my mom who still works at 78. And many more reasons.

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We are builders and not salesmen.
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Live by : Example, Experience, Empathy, E__________(guess what this E is)