I chose to talk and spend 30-min of my time with  my daughter than 30 min of browsing through my smart phone.

I discovered her dreams, hopes, aspirations, plans for college and her worries that day.

I chose to listen to my daughter’s plan of majoring in education to be a teacher

Her artwork getting shown at the art museum in Los Gatos, out of the 800 entries

Of her selection about the environment and technology

Of her thoughts into water color of mixed orange, black, brown and green

Of her desire to spend more happy months during her last year in high school

Of her fears of leaving behind friends at school and start as freshman in college

Of her worries that her dad is not proud of her for not applying to any UC Universities

Of her dream to one day be a full pledge teacher touching lives of children

Of her plans to spend a month more as volunteer, teaching elementary students in violin and music

All these I would not have known about my daughter’s hopes, dreams and prayers had I spent 30 min browsing and using my cell phone.