Some companies are not providing 401k retirement plan

There is a better than 401k retirement plan with tax-free IUL index strategy with zero market risk that grows up to 13% and living benefits added free (access to $1.5M when stroke, cancer, or disability occurs).  If you want to protect your wealth from 50% taxes after accumulation and from market risks, call Connie Dello Buono , CA Life Lic 0G60621 at 408-854-1883.

Since most companies are not providing 401k, some people are choosing a tax-free retirement plan, real estate and other positive income cash flow strategies.  You can better control your retirement savings if you know that your savings will not participate in the downside of the market.

With an index universal life policy, your savings will only participate in the upside potential of the market (SP500). There is flexibility and a higher limit not like the IRA/401k that limits you to $6k per year and anyone from age 0-75 yrs can participate.

You are all invited this Monday at 7:pm at 400 Oyster Point, Ste 120 , South San Francisco to learn how to win the money game and be protected from the following threats in your life:

  • living too long with no retirement savings
  • dying too soon with no protection and no estate you can leave behind with a stroke of a pen
  • getting sick with no access to $1.5M when cancer, stroke or disability occurs

This is my mission to help families maximize wealth, minimize taxes and access up to 70-90% of the face value of their policy when cancer, stroke or disability threatens their assets, income and life.

We are hiring.

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