You have spent years at school and now getting promoted at work after 6 yrs. You started to own brand name cars and a bigger house, bigger credit card debts and have no savings.

Do you know who you are working for?  Is it Y OU  or I O U ?

Habits of the rich: they focus on income generating assets. What expands are their assets.

Middle class: they focus on outgoing expenses. What expands are their junk goods inside their garage.

90% of our income goes to paying nursing care or the IRS as we age.

90% of our inheritance are spent within 90 days that took too long for our parents to save.

Which way is your dollar going, into your pocket or out of your pocket?

The biggest enemies of investments: taxes, inflation, procrastination and spending unwisely.

What is you biggest asset? You, your ability to generate an income. You should insure yourself since you are the most valuable asset.

At the end of the day, the bottom line is the bottom find, a TAX FREE retirement savings (with an estate value, a death benefit with a stroke of a pen). Tax free can last in 35 yrs versus 8 yrs for TAX DEFERRED retirement plan.

At 35% tax rate, you have to pay taxes from your tax deferred retirement plan.

Mortgage is one of the biggest liabilities, being in debt. In Spanish language, death is also called muerte.  So pay 10% down payment instead of 20%, and pay the other 10% to the mortgage payment to reduce the years of payment.

The American Way

Do not be brain washed the American way of owning a credit card (use credit card only for business expense), when you do not need one.  The perception of buying during a sale, tempts you to spend when you do not need to buy the discounted product or service.

In order to save is to spend. Americans dug themselves too deep into debt.  Working two jobs, spending less time for their family. Working night shift can cause cancer for women especially. It wrecks havoc on our hormones.

There is a way out, start early at 30 yrs old, saving tax free and cutting on spending.

How many of you would think that life is good if you are completely out of debt? Add a $100 more in your credit card payment to reduce the years to pay, you get debt free early with less interest payments. Attack the lowest amount credit card first.

Start with mental adjustments, plan your finances now before it is too late. Pay cash, use debit cards, stop shopping, don’t use credit cards, think of saving tax free and have a business for yourself to get the biggest tax break.

Rich People Secret

  • Qualify for  the longest loan available to get the smallest payment plan schedule, paying more than the minimum payment required

3 Pillars of Foundation of wealth creation: emergency funds (5%), mid-range funds and Long Term funds  10% (better return)

Save a minimum of 10% and live on less than 85% of what you earn per month. Make it automatic to create a Forced Savings, electronic fund transfer.

  1. Get a Life Insurance, the cheapest asset you can find.
  2. Emergency funds
  3. Retirement funds
  4. Real estate
  5. Others…

The list above builds your asset the strongest way of building your foundation.

Go for the highest car insurance deductible. Buy no appliance warranty, including a PC. Buy Asus or Lenovo (my techie son said). Be the queen/king of 1035 exchange.

Educational funds: prioritize by using the tax free IUL. Contact Connie.

Instead of savings, indexed annuities (tax deferred) is preferred once you received a lump sum of $2M from your life insurance, this we tell our children.

$1.2M 401k is only $600k, after taxes.

Let your heirs receive 100% of your savings using an IUL, tax free retirement savings. Contact Connie.


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Note: Do not overdo the third year you are claiming a loss in your business. In some business, losses in 3 yrs means you have a hobby and not a business per IRS.